The aim of this day is to help the participants to recreate a typical Argentinean "asado" step by step.


The Asado Day is a relaxed barbecue day for groups of at least 10 people.

The day starts with a small welcome of the group and then the fire is lit, the spices and ingredients are prepared and the meat is presented and prepared for the different grilling methods.

Besides the typical beef of the country we will also grill pork, goat, sausages and innards (achuras).

Passion, flavor and a lot

Everything will be grilled in different ways, from the oldest gaucho methods like the asado a la Cruz or Curanto to the most modern ones like the Parilla, the asado al Gancho, the plancha and the embers.

Each cut has its time and its place on the grill, it is not the same on which side the meat is placed on the grill or the moment when it starts to cook. Everything in its own time and temperature

Seasoning meat also has its magic, basically the ability to spread just the right amount of coarse salt, but we also like to work with pepper, paprika, salmuera or a little chimichurri.


to the best

accompaniment for a barbecue.

Of course we also provide Argentinean Malbec and regional beers for the asado.

We have different places where we can organize the asado day, we can also organize it where you live. Please contact us for the organisation