Asado a Ritual that defines us

Eliseo Monti

Asador @ Fuegos del Norte

I was born and raised in Santiago del Estero in northern Argentina. Like most Argentines, asado is part of my DNA.  Asado is an event that happens at least once a week in Argentina. Grilling over an open fire brings us together and allows us to enjoy for a moment what is important, being together.

I live in Germany with my wife and my  two daughters since 2000 and  I try to celebrate our Argentinian barbecue culture as much as we do back home, but with regional recipes and products to make it special, a mix of many flavours from the great region.

Passion, spicy and a lot

An asado is not about cooking meat over a fire. There is a whole folklore, a dynamism, a development that makes this meal a real social pleasure, something very brotherly and characteristic of the Argentineans

It is not the act of eating meat, it is “eating an asado”. A homogeneous matter, inseparable.

That is our claim. To make the asado for our customers as if they were at home in Santiago del Estero, in the north of Argentina.

The special ingredient for the perfect barbecue experience.

The purchase of the meat is decisive for the asado. The asador does not go to any butcher’s shop, he goes to “his” butcher. Because a good purchase ensures a good result. It does not matter what the butcher’s name is, the asador is a “friend” of the butcher, and the place is treated according to his first name.

This butcher knows that his customer chooses him every week, so he does more for him than for his wife. It is a reciprocal relationship of loyalty, friendship and codes. There is a complicity, a halo of romance, when the butcher’s friend keeps a little something for you, prepares your ribs for the flame or the vacio degreases with love.

"The beauty of a barbecue is the conversations among friends. The laughter and anecdotes and jokes floated along with the blue smoke from the fire."