Eliseo Monti

Asador @ Fuegos del Norte

I was born and raised in Santiago del Estero in northern Argentina. Like most Argentines, asado is part of my DNA. 

An asado is not about cooking meat over a fire. There is a whole folklore, a dynamism, a development that makes this meal a real social pleasure, something very brotherly and characteristic of the Argentineans.

- Eliseo Monti

Asado day

The Asado Day is a relaxed barbecue day for groups of at least 10 people. The aim of this day is to help the participants to recreate a typical Argentinean “asado” step by step.

Caterings / Events

If you are looking for something completely different for your party or corporate event, we can bring the Argentinean fire to you.


at Fuegos del Norte we have made it our mission to create inspired, unique and memorable barbecue events in beautiful locations.

Nose to Tail eating

We respect the philosophy of using as many parts of an animal as possible and thus minimising waste. Each part of the animal has its own distinctive taste and prepared in the right way everything is a delicacy worthy of grilling.

Fresh and local

We use fresh and seasonal produce, from local butchers and markets in Trier and the greater region.


Each menu is created together with our customers using fresh seasonal ingredients.

La Bestia

The ultimate fire grill beast. Anything you want to grill is possible with La Bestia.

It is not the act of eating meat, it is "eating an asado". A homogeneous matter, inseparable.